About Illinois Glove Company

About Illinois Glove Company


In 1919, Sam Shmikler, after working for ten years in glove factories, decided to start his own glove manufacturing company. He sold all of his furniture for $400 and used the money to begin making gloves in Chicago with his wife, Jennie. Sam carefully cut each pair of gloves and Jennie, a proficient seamstress, assembled them. It was their dreams and hard work that established Illinois Glove Company.

Sam believed in making only high quality, durable gloves. His first order was from his former employer making gloves for farmers, ranchers and construction workers. His formula for success was simple: use the best raw materials, ship the goods when promised, charge a fair price and you will have the happiest customers around. By maintaining Sam's formula through four generations, Illinois Glove Company continues to be the leader in hand protection.

For the past century, our gloves have protected the hands of workers in oilfield, utilities, factories, mines and American soldiers in four wars. This long history of craftsmanship and pride makes us the best in the industry.

Today, we continue to devise changes that make our gloves fit better, last longer and increase protection. Our goal is to provide our customers with the competitive advantage they need in today's marketplace including:

Specifications/laboratory test
New innovative product
Custom made gloves
Private label programs
Custom imprints names/logos
Digital photography
Individualized sell/survey sheets
Informative website
Personalized catalogs
Dynamic POP support
Large inventory for rapid shipping

We appreciate your continued loyalty and are confident you will find our products the best in the industry. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied! Please write or email us with your comments.